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    Changes to your time off in 2017

    As we announced in late September, we will integrate time off policies for all Dell team members in 2017. That means there will be some changes to your time off as a legacy EMC employee. 

    Here is a reminder of the changes taking effect on January 1, 2017:

    • Holidays. The company will continue to observe 11 holidays. Beginning in December of 2017, the company holiday schedule will include a shut-down week at the end of year, when all Dell team members enjoy time off at the same time. Click here to view the 2017 holiday schedule. Please note the shut-down week does not apply for 2016.
    • New Personal Business Allowance. Your allotment of five days of sick leave will transition to Dell’s Personal Business Allowance (PBA) of 10 days. PBA is an innovative policy that gives you the flexibility you need when personal reasons require your time away from work. Some examples of how you can use PBA beyond sick leave include doctor visits, teacher conferences, sick child care, and other national/religious holidays. PBA days can also be used to satisfy the elimination period for disability as well as for time off for illness for yourself or a family member. Click here to see the full 2017 PBA policy.
    • Vacation Allotment. Team members with five or less years of service will have an increase from two to three weeks of vacation in 2017. Team members with more than five years of service will see no change to their vacation allotment. Click here to see the full 2017 vacation policy.
    • Vacation Carry-Over and Pay-Out. You will no longer be able to carry over unused vacation days into the following year, and there will no longer be a vacation pay-out when you leave the company (unless you work in a state that requires vacation carry-over: CA, NE; or vacation pay-out: AK, CA, CO, IL, LA, MA, MT, NE, ND, RI, Puerto Rico). This means that unused vacation days will be lost if you don’t take them during the year. The elimination of carry-over vacation will take effect for vacation time awarded in 2017. You will be able to carry over any unused vacation time accrued in 2016 (subject to the 40-hour limit) to be used by March 31, 2017. While this is a significant change for legacy EMC team members, it is designed to encourage you to take your well-earned time off regularly.