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  • Join DASH

    DASH ranked the 2015 #1 Diet by U.S. News & World Report.

    DASH for Health is a web-based nutrition program that helps participants lose weight, lower blood pressure, eat healthier, and even spend less money on health care. Its goal is to provide you with the resource you need to improve your nutrition and keep you healthy—offering both the why and the how for improving your health.

    Watch the DASH for Health program demo!

    How to Enroll

    Log on to and begin your journey to a healthier you:

    • Click “Sign up” or "renew" to begin the enrollment process.
    • Enter your six digit badge number, using leading zeroes if fewer than 6. (Eligible family members should use employee’s badge number.)
    • Follow instructions to set username and password.

    It’s important to follow the program, get the support you need, and understand what works best for you. Join U.S. News & World Report ranked #1 Diet and get healthier, today!

    **Please note that, participation in the DASH for Health program will be treated as a reimbursable expense as part of EMC's Fitness Benefit for eligible participants. To continue your membership (or sign up new), you will pay the fully reimbursable $50 annual fee with your credit card. You can then submit that amount for reimbursement. Participants in the Blue Cross Blue Shield and UnitedHealthcare plans are eligible for this reimbursement.