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    Employment Verification

    Financing a car? Renting an apartment? Applying for a mortgage or credit card?

    EMC’s third-party employment verification vendor, The Work Number, handles our employment verification needs. A prospective employer (or any other verifier such as a lending institution) wishing to verify your employment and/or earnings information can do so by calling The Work Number’s 24 hour a day Employment Verification line. This automated system will provide the verifier with a complete employment verification including payroll history. (Please note that payroll history will not be released without your authorization.) You can contact the Work Number Service Center at 866-604-6572 (800- 424-0253 for TTY); Monday-Friday: 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Central Time. EMC's company code is 17061.

    You may be required to create a Salary Key to complete your verification, depending on how your verifier is credentialed with The Work Number.  In order to create a Salary Key, please follow these steps:

    • Visit and click the “I’m an Employee” tab
    • Click the “Enter Site” button
    • Click “Log In
    • Enter EMC’s employer code (17061)
    • Select the option “I want to use other account features”
    • Enter your User ID (your six-digit EMC Employee ID number)
    • Enter your default PIN (last four digits of your Social Security Number followed by your four-digit year of birth). Please note: once this default PIN is validated the first time you log in, you will be prompted to change your PIN to a more personal set of numbers that can be easily remembered. This is the PIN you will use going forward.

    For more information on The Work Number, click here.

    Please note: The Work Number does not provide EMC employment verification letters for immigration purposes (such as visa stamping, international travel, sponsoring a relative, etc). If you need an employment verification letter for immigration purposes, please open an AskHR ticket indicating that you need an “Employment Verification Letter for Immigration Purposes,” and our HR Shared Services team will be happy to assist you.  


    Attention Pivotal Employees: Please send your employment verification requests to