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  • Financial Planning Benefit

    Employees at the Director level or above are eligible for this benefit. It provides an annual allowance for the payment of eligible financial planning services, which include:

    • General financial planning, investment planning, equity planning and retirement planning; this does not include asset management. 
    • Tax planning and forecasting throughout the year
    • Tax preparation and filing of tax returns
    • Estate planning

    Services not covered under the Financial Planning Benefit include asset management, loads or other investment fees; or legal services other than for estate planning.

    Annual Allowance

    Title Allowance
    Director $5,000
    Vice President $6,000
    Senior Vice President $8,000
    Executive Vice President $10,000


    You are entitled to:

    • The full benefit for the current year if you become eligible during the first three quarters of the year
    • 25% of the full benefit if you become eligible during Q4

    How the Benefit Works

    Once in the new system, follow the steps below to submit a new request for reimbursement:


    1. Click “Submit Claim;” Select “Reimbursement Request” under “Select Type of Claim”
    2. Choose from the drop down the appropriate expense type
      1. Education Planning
      2. Estate Planning
      3. Financial Planning
      4. Tax Planning
      5. Tax Preparation
    3. Enter Dates of Service
      1. If the service occurred on one day please enter the from and to dates as the dates of service.
    4. Enter Claim Amount
    5. Enter Service provider as the Provider Name
    6. Enter Recipient Info – Employee Name
    7. Upload Documentation – You may only upload up to 5 documents per claim.  The following documentation must be submitted for each claim.
      1. Verification of service date(s)
      2. Itemized Receipt
    8. Check the box to acknowledge:  “I have read and understand the instructions documented in the claims processing help guide. The information contained within the pending certification section above is correct. I have not received reimbursement previously for these expenses from any spending account(s) or any other plan and will not seek reimbursement by any other plan.”
    9. Submit Claim
    10. ADP will review and determine if your claim is eligible to be paid.  An email notification will be sent explaining your claim has been processed for reimbursement or if additional information is requested from you.
      1. Ineligible Expenses Include
        1. Asset Allocation
        2. Asset Management
        3. Load/Investment Fees
        4. Legal Services, other than estate planning
        5. Self Help Books
        6. Peace of Mind Fees
        7. Compliance Fees
        8. Motley Fool One or other similar newsletters or subscriptions
        9. Retainer Fees
        10. Services which the retainer fee may have been used for may be eligible.  An itemized fee statement with a description and cost of each charge is required to determine eligibility.
    11. Once your claim has been approved for reimbursement, you can expect to receive reimbursement within 1-2 pay periods with your regularly scheduled pay check.  

    **It is important to note, while there are references to Direct Deposit on the flexible spending site, Direct Deposit is not available for Financial Planning Reimbursement. The Financial Planning reimbursements will be paid out via the same method as your regularly scheduled pay check.

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