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  • Health care at your fingertips

    Life doesn’t stop when you get sick. But if health care is always within reach, it’s easier to take care of yourself and keep up with the rest of life’s demands. Check out these simple ways to get the care you need — and save time and money.

    1. Talk to a doctor virtually, from virtually anywhere.

    Need a doctor’s advice while traveling? Is your child up at 3 a.m. with an ear infection?

    Give Teladoc a try. You can talk to a board-certified physician 24/7 over the phone or by video chat* for help with your family’s health issues such as allergies, rashes, and cold and flu symptoms. The doc may also be able to write a prescription for medication when appropriate. Not only is Teladoc convenient, but it can also be cheaper than a visit to urgent care or the ER.

    2. Shop for your care.

    Medical care deserves just as much thought as other important purchases. The “impulse buy” is sometimes necessary — cost becomes secondary when taking care of your family. But in some situations, you have time to explore and find the option that’s right — and most cost-effective — for you.

    Use cost transparency tools from your medical carrier to find the right care for your needs. In minutes, you can search for doctors and facilities in your area, see patient ratings and get an estimate of your out-of-pocket cost.

    Blue Cross Blue Shield members:
    Use the Find a Doctor & Estimate Costs tool on (select PPO or EPO from the “My Health Plan” menu).

    UnitedHealthcare members:
    Use the Find-and-Price Care tool on (select “UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus” from the menu list).

    3. Download the apps.

    Ever get to your appointment but realize you forgot your medical ID card? If only there was an app for that. Oh wait, there is!

    Blue Cross Blue Shield’s MyBlue Member app and UnitedHealthcare’s Health4Me app help you do more than shop for care. You can access an electronic ID card, your plan details, coverage info, doc finders, claims and prescription history. And if you want to schedule a virtual doctor visit, you can do that through the Teladoc app.

    Spend a few minutes in your phone’s app store, download the apps today, and use them in a pinch tomorrow.

    *Teladoc’s phone and video chat features are not available in all states. Log in to Teladoc  to see the services available to you.