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    Important Note: HealthLink will close August 18.
    As we work toward aligning wellbeing programs for legacy Dell and EMC team members, there will be a new online health platform launching later this year. To implement this update, we need additional downtime to transition from our current platform. That means HealthLink will close August 18, 2017 and there are new Healthy Rewards deadlines you should know about. Learn more about Healthy Rewards.


    When it comes to your health, you’re the boss. Take charge of your personal wellbeing with HealthLink, an online personal health manager powered by WebMD®. Access valuable resources for managing all aspects of your health in a secure and confidential online setting. Register now and begin taking advantage of the tools available to you.

    • Health Review (formally Health Risk Assessment). Learn how your current health status compares to national averages for your peers. Discover potential health risks, and get take-the-next-step recommendations for improving your health and lifestyle.
    • My Healthcare Costs. Review your year-to-date medical and prescription drug claims, out-of-pocket costs, and total cost of services. Sort by date, type of service, or care provider. (Available to participants in the CVS Caremark prescription program or OptumHealth Behavioral Services and members of UnitedHealthcare, Harvard Pilgrim, Tufts, Fallon, or Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO.)
    • Personal Health Record (PHR). Store, manage, maintain, and share your health information in a centralized, secure location. Data from your medical plan will automatically populate your record on a quarterly basis, and you can enter new information at any time.
    • Health Topics. Learn about common health conditions and how to manage them.
    • Symptom Checker. Answer a series of questions to determine what you should do about symptoms you’re experiencing.
    • Medication Center. Review your prescription drug options, including generics, preferred brands, and mail order. Lower your costs and learn about potential side effects and drug interactions.
    • Hospital Advisor. Find the best facility for treating more than 150 diagnoses and procedures. Compare quality ratings, treatment outcomes, and average costs by hospital.

    In addition to these online tools and resources, HealthLink also offers monthly Health Management Seminars (webinars or onsite workshops). If you can’t attend in person, you can always join virtually. Recordings are posted online.

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