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  • Expatriate Health

    Aetna International administers our medical, dental, and vision plans for employees on long-term international expatriate assignments. As an expat, you and your dependents can access any hospital or physician around the globe. Aetna International is available 24/7 to provide physician referrals, arrange with hospitals to accept payment directly from Aetna International on your behalf, help you obtain medications that are unavailable in your host country, coordinate emergency evacuation if needed, and more.

    Review coverage details in the Medical/Dental/Vision Coverage Highlights.

    Access claim information, country profiles, international provider directories, and much more via the Aetna International website ( If you have any questions regarding the Aetna International coverage, call Customer Service at 800-231-7729 or 813-775-0190 (direct/collect calls accepted).

    Employee Cost

    Expatriate Health (Medical, Dental, and Vision Combined)
    Level of Coverage 2017 Per Pay Period Cost
    Employee $60.24
    Employee + Child(ren) $112.13
    Employee + Spouse/Domestic Partner $119.25
    Family $174.34