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  • International Business Travel Health

    If you are on an international business trip (or combined business/leisure trip) lasting less than one year, you can get care for an illness or injury you sustain while traveling. Coverage administered by Bupa Global Travel is valid for all employees worldwide, in any country except for the country of your permanent residence. Dependents are also covered if accompanying you on an approved business trip.

    There is no deductible or coinsurance, and the plan will reimburse you for covered expenses up to the full insured amount. If you require treatment outside the U.S. and need to locate a medical provider or facility, contact the Bupa Global healthline at +45 70 23 23 14 (9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central European Time (CET) weekdays. Or use the online facility finder at

    For more details on this benefit, read the Frequently Asked Questions.

    Emergency Situations Requiring Hospitalization

    In case of hospitalization, notify Bupa Global Assistance immediately through the 24-hour Emergency Service:

    Telephone: +45 70 23 24 61
    Toll free number: 800-726-1203

    Bupa Global Assistance will contact the medical providers and provide a guarantee of payment to the hospital and settle bills directly. You won’t have to pay at the time of service if you contact the 24-hour Emergency Service.

    Emergency Situations Not Requiring Hospitalization

    If you require treatment such as a doctor or dentist office visit, you pay the bill at the time of service. Then submit the diagnosis details, your bills, and a claim form to:

    Bupa Global Travel
    8 Palaegade, DK-1261
    Copenhagen K, Denmark
    EMC’s Policy Number: