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  • Live and Work Well

    Live and Work Well provides services and support to you and your family. 

    What can my WorkLife Services Benefits Do for Me?
    You may be trying to balance the demands of work and home, caring for an aging parent, or coping with a demanding two-year-old. Maybe you just want to strengthen your relationships with your family. Your benefit offers assistance and support for all these concerns and more:

    • Child and elder care services
    • Financial assistance resources
    • Parenting and family support
    • Adoption consultation and referrals
    • Learning to live with chronic illness
    • Home maintenance referrals

    Learn more by calling Life and Work Well at 1-866-808-5062 or visiting access code: emc.

     How does it Work?
    Accessing your WorkLife Services Benefit is easy and available 24 hours a day. Call the toll-free number and a specialist will help you identify the nature of your problem and provide you with personalized resources and educational materials to address it.

    Connecting Online
    Visit for 24-hour access to your WorkLife Services Benefit. You can check your benefit information and submit online requests for services, access information and resources for hundreds of work and life issues, participate in interactive, customizable self-improvement programs, and search for child and elder care, schools and colleges, adoption resources, and more.

    There is no charge for referrals. Access to is always free. Life and Work Well will not share your personal records with EMC or anyone else. All records, including medical information, referrals, and evaluations, are kept confidential in accordance with federal and state laws.