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  • Women’s Health Services (WHS)

    The Women’s Health Services (WHS) program through OptumHealth is completely confidential and available to you at no additional cost if you are enrolled in an EMC medical plan option and:

    • You are having challenges conceiving a child (Please note: you must also enroll in the WHS to receive infertility benefits through your plan);
    • You are currently pregnant; and/or
    • You have a baby requiring treatment in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

    WHS includes three distinct but integrated services that connect you with your own nurse consultant who specializes in your unique care needs. These experienced nurses will answer your questions, provide the information you need, and support you emotionally during difficult or stressful times.

    • Resource Services (RRS). You must participate in this program if you want to access infertility benefits through your medical plan. When using a Center of Excellence, as defined by your health plan, you will pay lower out-of-pocket costs. Call 866-774-4626, or read the RRS brochure.
    • Maternity Support Program (MSP). When you enroll in the MSP between the 1st and 20th week of pregnancy and complete the mid-pregnancy follow up assessment, you’ll receive a $150 Babies "R" Us gift card. Call 877-201-5328 or read the MSP Brochure.
    • Neonatal Resource Services (NRS). Benefit from onsite and telephonic case management, inpatient and post-discharge. Call 866-729-6926 or read the NRS brochure.
    Please note: In order to receive coverage for infertility treatment you must receive treatment at a Reproductive Resource Services (RSS) designated Center of Excellence (COE). Please call RRS at 1-866-774-4626 for additional information.