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  • Pilots and Studies

    EMC is proud to be a leader in every area in which we play. That’s why we bring Pilots and Studies to you, our EMC family.

    Why a Pilot Program?
    A pilot program is a great way for us to “test the waters” and see if a particular program or resource may be useful to all of our U.S. employees and family members. That’s why active participation in a pilot program is so important—because YOU have the opportunity to bring new resources to EMC.

    Why a Study?
    We all have different interests inside and outside of work. Participation in a study is a great way to help an organization collect data and learn more about health, wellness, and many other topics. Studies need to have good participation so that the data collected can provide good, aggregate details. EMC participates in many studies with our partners, our vendors, and the community at large.