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  • Eligibility and Enrollment

    You’re eligible for STD benefits if you’re a regular employee scheduled to work at least 20 hours per week.

    EMC will automatically enroll you with coverage effective on your first day of employment. If you want to waive coverage, complete a waiver form and send it to the address on the form.

    If you waive coverage during the initial enrollment period and enroll at a later date, you’ll have to provide Evidence of Insurability. The plan administrator can at its discretion deny your request for coverage.

    Benefit Eligibility Conditions

    You’re eligible for STD benefit payments if you are absent from work, or are expected to be absent, for an extended period of time (seven or more calendar days), and you:

    • Are considered actively at work when your disability begins
    • Are totally disabled due to a non-work related illness or injury
    • Are under the regular and continuing care of a physician who provides the appropriate treatment by means of examination and testing in accordance with the disabling condition
    • Provide acceptable documentation to Cigna
    • Have met the eligibility requirements above