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  • Tuition Assistance Program

    Dell EMC's current tuition reimbursement benefit will remain in place for the duration of 2017 regardless of the previously communicated 8/1/16 cutoff date. Any courses taken throughout 2017 will reimbursed under EMC's current tuition policy. The new 2018 program will be announced in the Fall of 2017. All employees who are not previously registered and actively enrolled seeking reimbursement for courses completed after December 31, 2017 will be administered in accordance with the tuition assistance policy in effect at the time of reimbursement.

    EMC encourages employees to continue their education and provides the financial support to do so.

    Through EdAssist, EMC’s tuition assistance provider, a variety of benefits are provided to you.

    What is EdAssist?
    EdAssist is the new online tuition assistance provider for EMC. With EdAssist, you will now have full access to:

    • Free Educational Advising
    • Tuition Savings at Accredited Schools
    • Easy Reimbursement Process

    Educational Advising at a Glance:
    As experts in their field, the EdAssist academic advisors can take on the task of researching the best options for programs and schools in your areas of interest, tailored toward your needs as an adult learner, and help you maximize your tuition assistance benefit.

    Tuition Savings at a Glance:
    EdAssist offers a network of over 200 schools that provide EMC employees with discounted tuition and other special services. This network includes schools offering online, on campus, blended programs, and self-paced courses, and is in addition to EMC’s Preferred Provider Program

    Easy Reimbursement Process at a Glance:
    EdAssist streamlines your educational assistance program process through our efficient, user-friendly web-based system.  

    How to Get Started

    1. Review the EMC Tuition Assistance Policy
    2. Set up an appointment with an EdAssist Education Advisor
    3. Create your EdAssist Account (your username is your 6 digit badge number)
    4. Submit an application


    Already enrolled in a degree program and looking to enter your current courses or submit for reimbursement?

    1. Create your EdAssist Account (your username is your 6 digit badge number)
    2. Follow the instructions to submit a new application or submit for reimbursement

    Review the frequently asked questions or contact EdAssist at (855) 500-8881, Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. EST or email