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  • Voluntary Income Protection (VIP) under MetLife


    Regular Employees working at least 20 hours per week are eligible. If you are limited by the $15,000 monthly cap described under the LTD Buy-Up Option (that is, earn over $270,000 annually), you are eligible to enroll in additional coverage under MetLife which extends your income protection to 67% of your Benefits Salary up to a $25,000 combined (LTD Basic + LTD Buy-Up + VIP) monthly cap.

    Initial Enrollment If You are Already Enrolled

    First time enrollment in VIP under MetLife is not automatic; you must actively enroll.

    • New hires and those who have become newly eligible due to the annual Benefits Salary adjustment are eligible to enroll during the subsequent annual enrollment period each summer. You can expect to receive a personalized enrollment package mailed to your home in the spring preceding the summer effective date. If you enroll by the annual enrollment deadline, no medical underwriting (evidence of insurability) is required.
    • If you decline coverage during this first annual enrollment period after your date of hire or after you become eligible, and wish to enroll at a later date, medical underwriting (evidence of insurability) will be required.

    Current participants do not need to re-enroll. Participation automatically rolls over from year to year. If you realize an increase in pay that warrants a corresponding increase in benefit (assuming you have not reached the $10,000 VIP cap), you will receive a report in the spring notifying you of your automatic increase in benefit and related premium cost. This increase will not require any evidence of insurability. You will have the opportunity to decline the increase at that time, however – if you decline an automatic increase, evidence of insurability will be required to increase your benefit at a future date.

    If You Leave EMC

    With VIP, you own your personal Long-Term Disability Income Protection policy insured by MetLife. It is fully portable which means you can take it with you at the same premium rate if you leave EMC. After you terminate employment, you will automatically receive a letter from MetLife providing you with instructions for changing your premium payment to a direct bill. You may choose any of their available payment modes (monthly, semi-annual, annual). To actively facilitate the changeover, participants who leave EMC should contact the VIP Plan Advisor listed under “Details” to make arrangements for direct payment of premium.

    If you have any questions about this benefit, please contact Charlie Brind, EMC’s Voluntary Income Protection advisor at 800-965-1848.