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  • College Coach

    Planning for college stressing you out? Don't worry--EMC's got you covered.

    Did you know that you have access to College Coach through your EMC benefits? College Coach is available through the Bright Horizons Back-up Care Program, which provides you with 12 days per calendar year for center-based care, in-home child care (including care for mildly ill children), and in-home adult/elder care--College Coach is also a benefit under this program.

    What is College Coach?
    College Coach® is the nation’s leading provider of educational advising, offering expert guidance from the best college admissions consultants on the college admissions and finance process. The organization was founded in 1998 on the principle that every student is unique. Their goal is to help each student maximize his or her chances of success through services focused on their personal desires, goals, individual strengths, and accomplishments.

    Through EMC's College Coach program you have access to seminars, webinars, and personalized counseling:

    • Phone Counseling: Schedule a personalized, one-one-one meeting with a College Coach admissions or finance expert to discuss your questions in detail. Each scheduled Personalized Counseling Session counts towards one of your 12 days of back-up care (i.e., child care or elder care).
    • Quick Questions: Have a shorter question? Request feedback directly from a college admissions or finance expert.
    • The Learning Center: Instance, 24x7 access to interactive videos as well as a broad range of resources, FAQs, and other information.

    College Coach 2017 Program Dates Now Available

    EMC partners with College Coach, the nation’s leading provider of educational counseling services. College Coach has guided many employees and their families through a variety of important educational challenges, such as:

    • Selecting the right high school curricular and extracurricular options
    • Navigating the complex college admissions process
    • Determining the best way to pay for college

    College Coach experts include former senior admissions and financial aid officers from some of the nation’s most selective colleges. The program consists of live events, online support, and personalized assistance – offering you the flexibility to learn in the style that suits you best.

    2017 Webinar Events

    February 28:     Demystifying College Standardized Tests

    March 29:         SAT & ACT: Which is Right for My Child?

    May 2:              College Admissions

    June 27:            Cultivating Success: Encouraging a Growth Mindset

    August 23:        Paying for College

    December 12:   PSAT – What a Score Means, Why It Matters

    Registration is required in order to participate. Recorded versions of the webinars will be made available. Please visit the College Coach portal: (Passcode for first-time users: emccoach)

    Where to get More Information about College Coach

    Get more information about College Coach either:

    Tune into the College Coach Internet Radio Show

    Did you know that college applications and public college tuition are both up 60 percent since 2002?

    Getting In: A Conversation with College Coach helps parents and students navigate this changing and challenging landscape. In this weekly internet radio program, College Coach® experts, all former admissions and financial aid officers, as well as other industry professionals, offer factual information and strategic advice on a range of admissions and college finance topics.

    Find out how to craft winning essays, successfully appeal financial aid decisions, select the right college, and determine the most effective savings vehicles to help pay for it. From understanding how institutions evaluate applications to putting together a solid college payment strategy to effectively planning a high school academic and extracurricular program, Getting In addresses the questions and concerns of families facing the college admissions process.

    Listen in every Thursday at 4:00 p.m. ET.

    Benefit Questions
    College Coach is a free benefit, providing you with expert guidance to help your child achieve academic success. Visit (passcode: emccoach) to get started.