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  • torchlight (formerly myEdGPS)

    Does your child have difficulty focusing in school? Are you worried that she might be lagging behind developmentally or have trouble making friends? Does he have ADHD, autism, learning disabilities or some undiagnosed difficulties?

    Take advantage of torchlight!   

    What is torchlight?  
    Brought to you through a partnership between Encompass Education and EMC, torchlight helps you better understand, advocate for, and support your child from birth to young adulthood. With this new benefit, you have free access to tools and resources to help your child overcome developmental and educational hurdles at any age.

    What can torchlight do for me?
     A lot! And at a time and place that works for you. Your torchlight benefit includes 24/7 access on your computer, tablet, or mobile device to:

    • An Online Navigator 
      Part virtual advocate, part information specialist, torchlight provides you with step-by-step guidance to make the best choices for your child, birth through adulthood, and whether you are pursuing public or private school and services. Its features include:
      • Personalized recommendations tailored to your child's profile and needs
      • 100+ subject-matter tutorials on a range of developmental and educational areas to increase your expertise and confidence
      • Dozens of interactive tools to inform and guide decision making
      • Virtual binder to store and manage key documents and correspondence
      • Journal to track and analyze your child's behavior
      • Letter templates to ensure effective home-school/agency communications
      • Calendar to track appointments, state-specific timelines, and special events
      • Team sharing to include others in your child's care
      • Progress tracker to show you where you've been spending your time


    Sign up for your torchlight account today.